How is the effect and the durability of Xtrasize?

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Whenever erection problems appear, whatever the cause, some precautionary measures are necessary. It is worth changing your lifestyle to a little healthier, but that may not be enough. That is why the manufacturers hurry with the help of appropriate supplements to solve these problems. Let’s look at the effect of the specifics Xtrasize and Member XXL to evaluate which of them is the more effective.

How is the effect and the durability of Xtrasize?

The success of the preparation, so good assessments of the users, whose sexual performance is a significant improvement, derivation of the unique stock.

Xtrasize is composed of only natural ingredients, so it is completely safe for your health and has no side effects. The inventory includes:

  • Saw Palmetto, differently an extract from the fruits of the Sabal palm. Besides being known for its cholesterol-reducing effect, it also has a positive effect on reducing the size of the prostate and stimulating libido.
  • Tribulus terrestris, differently earth root thorn Aphrodisiac and erection agent known for centuries. Thanks to him, the erection will be stronger and definitely longer.
  • Maca Root, different from Peruvian cress. Thanks to this plant, the level of hormones in the body is balanced, libido and general sexual performance improve.
  • Pumpkin seed oil. Source of protein, recommended as a good protection of the prostate.
  • Ginseng. This plant, valued in Eastern medicine, supports the release of nitrogen monoxide in the body and thus the blood flow. Good penile blood flow is the key to achieving a strong erection.

L-arginine amino acid, which in turn synthesizes nitric oxide. Regulates the release of hormones, including growth hormone, and improves blood flow to the penis.
Licorice Root, i.e. real liquorice, is another regulator of hormone levels. In addition, it has a strengthening effect on the whole organism.
Sarsaparilla. An herb that has anti-inflammatory effects on the urinary system and relieves prostate diseases.
Nettle. The extract from this popular plant has beneficial effects on the prostate.

Based on the ingredients mentioned and the description of their effects, it can be clearly seen that Xtrasize is a product that has a not insignificant influence on the erection, size and sexual quality of life, also through concern for the urinary tract and prostate gland. Also improves blood circulation and muscle gain, including girth and length.

And how does Member XXL work? It’s better and faster effects!

Here the manufacturer explains directly that besides an improvement in the sexual quality of life thanks to a better and permanent erection, there is a chance of a real penis increase and thus the removal of the psychological barrier. According to the manufacturer, the promised additional length is 5-9 cm, but users’ reviews usually show messages over 4-5 cm, which is a very satisfactory result. In addition, Member XXL has a very beneficial effect on well-being and increases the desire for sex, which can be explained as a perfect effect in connection with a strong erection and enlarged limb.

Ingredients of Member XXL

member xxl This is where we get lost amid the excess of names and information that creates confusion and difficulty in evaluating effectiveness. The inventory is simple and legible, but innovative. We have four ingredients:

  • Ginseng. Known for centuries, it improves blood flow to the penis by releasing nitric oxide. As you know, a better blood supply to the penis means better erection and muscle gain.
  • Pepper extract. An interesting ingredient that turns out to have a huge impact on muscle growth. Works just as effectively on the penis as it does on the other muscles.
  • Extract from the Chinese lemon tree. Ensures clear mind, reflex, good mood, consequently greater desire for sex.
  • Saffron extract. Increases the vitality of the organism, including that of the sperm.

The first effects are already visible after a few weeks, but in order to achieve really satisfactory results and to consolidate them for longer, the treatment should last several months. Member XXL should be taken 1 capsule twice a day before a meal. The cost of a monthly cure is 160 zł, but if we buy a few packs right away, we can reduce the cost significantly. The preparation can be bought from Allegro and on the manufacturer’s website.

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